Shorten Cycles

Case I

In the early stages of designing a medical independent software system for one of our clients, new requirements were proposed by identifying network security risks and needs, including increasing data encryption during transmission, de-identification of data exports, and disaster backup plans. This could avoid design changes in the later stages of product development, which could have an impact on the project timeline.

Case II

The critical path for commercializing a product usually includes product design, prototype production, type testing, clinical trials, and registration application. When planning the commercialization of a client's product in the early stages, the critical path was identified. As the product was a Class III implantable device with high clinical trial risks, we recommended conducting a simulated clinical trial before registering the product for clinical trials to validate the rationality of the clinical trial plan. Our clinical experts also reviewed the client's clinical plan and proposed many improvement suggestions. We used the optimal approach to complete the clinical trial in the shortest time possible.

Cost Reduction

Case I

During the early and middle stages of product development, a client urgently needed regulatory and clinical experts to provide relevant design inputs. However, hiring a full-time regulatory or clinical expert would incur higher costs and the workload might not be sufficient. Our regulatory and clinical experts were able to familiarize themselves with the product in a short time and provide phased assistance to the client. As a result, the client saved a considerable amount of labor costs.

Case II

One of our clients needed to provide project management training to their employees, but found that external training programs were very expensive and not very effective. We designed a long-term development plan for the client, in which our consultants provided targeted coaching to their employees and employed various innovative methods, resulting in very positive outcomes.

Reduce Risks

Case I

During the course of a project, a client's domain expert suddenly resigned and it was difficult to find a suitable replacement in a short period of time. Faced with a shortage of human resources, we immediately provided professional services in that field to the client. Our consultant acted as a member of the project team and took on the role of the resigned expert, completing all tasks until the client found a new expert in that field. By addressing the client's human resource shortage in the short term, we effectively reduced project risks and avoided delays in the project timeline.

Case II

Our consultants have rich experience and knowledge in various fields. During the project scoping process for one of our clients, we identified various risks the project was currently facing from different dimensions and proposed many preventive and mitigating measures. These risks included project risks, product risks, network security risks, compliance risks, quality risks, clinical trial risks, usability risks, and so on.

Voice from Our Clients

Thank HYX Consulting for providing us with great assistance in project management. The consultant offered highly constructive suggestions on the organizational structure and personnel management of our research and development department. They personally worked with our young technical supervisor to develop a very detailed project plan. It has been extremely valuable in enhancing the team's project management capabilities, surpassing the effectiveness of project management training courses.


—— R&D Director, Singular Medical

HYX Consulting is highly experienced in management and is also very familiar with the commercialization process of products. Our product is about to enter the clinical trial phase, which poses a significant challenge for a Class III active implantable device. The consultant, along with the team, dedicated two days to develop a detailed clinical trial plan, identifying key milestones and potential risks, and providing valuable insights. We greatly appreciate the diligent and responsible approach of HYX Consulting, who has consistently been "wholeheartedly" solving our problems.


—— COO, Singular Medical